Contacted Wesley-Rankin Community center, inquired about their after-school music programs. I researched various teaching methods that would be synergistic with kids and compiled a list of things needed to happen in preparation. (violin sizing, learning how to read music notes and rhythm, inspiration, convincing them to keep playing, etc.) The teaching methods used by violinmasterclass are good for instilling a proper foundation in beginning musicians. The hardest part would probably be getting kids to listen to me without nagging.


Absent all day at state robotics competition.

December 1

Touched up and reviewed UT application and UC Berkeley application to send in, revised the supplementary essays one last time.

11.27 College Day

Finalized application for UT Austin, revised essays and supplements and finished information for the application.

11/14 College Day

Compiled essay for Apply Texas application to UT Austin on what environment I was raised in, and compiled the prompts for the new essays I have to write as well organizing the old essays to reuse for dec 1.


Since the common app EA deadline was the next day, I edited/polished all my supplementary essays and reviewed my application to turn in and secured additional materials such as my music supplement through making a slideroom account.

All State Audition

Oct. 17,19, 23, 25, 27

Practice for All-State Orchestra Audition. This year's audition material included De Beriot Etude 20, Mazas etude 23, and excerpts from Eine Alpensinfonie and Symphonic Metamorphosis. The excerpts are very difficult technically, with tricky passages, uncomfortable string crossings, difficult intonation and rhythms, etc. All State has been a highly desired goal for me, and since it is so competitive, I really needed extra time to practice that has been taken away by college apps, club obligations, and school work. Each practice session consisted of a general run through of excerpts and then deliberate practice over areas I had trouble over using different practice techniques such as groupings, metronome work, isolation, slow practice etc. I wish I could say I was prepared enough, but my E-string unraveled during the first audition excerpt.